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Trans CanEAUda is a cross Canada canoe expedition and project being undertaken by 8 friends throughout the spring, summer, and fall months of 2011. They will depart from Ottawa, ON, during the first week of May 2011, pointing their canoes in a North-Westerly direction, paddling and portaging some 7000 kilometers in an attempt to  reach Inuvik, NWT, and the waters of the Beaufort Sea.

All 8 of us (Karine Houde, Katya Saulnier Jutras, Louis-Philippe Robillard, Xavier Giroux-Bougard, Ellorie McKnight, Alexandre Bevington, Dalal Hanna and Nicolas Desrochers) have our own unique reasons for undertaking such a large scale project,  but a few common reasons link our motivation. One of these common reasons focuses on the concern of our world’s degrading natural environments, particularly water environments.

With this concern in mind, we hope to take advantage of the visibility we can gain through such a project to help raise awareness of the importance of watershed conservation in Canada. This will be done by hosting campaigns, presentations and media encounters before, during, and after our expedition. By encouraging donations and memberships, we are also supporting two non-for-profit organizations which work towards cleaner and healthier watersheds:

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